Restoring Former Clients

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) Researchers from Cornell University and the University of Hawaii have found that lapsed members of a large nonprofit organization were more likely to re-join even after a period of two or three years, than non-members approached for the first time.

The reasoning behind this is logical, as former members were once so convinced of the mission that they joined. Furthermore, due to their past memberships, they knew much more about the benefits of membership than others.

However, whether it is a nonprofit organization or a for-profit business, marketers tend to overlook clients who previously purchased and subsequently stopped. Perhaps they simply became busy, had a temporary cash shortage, forgot about you, or had a minor complaint that was easily resolved.

What can be done to re-energize previous buyers?  
* You should not ask for an order, but rather provide them with useful information.
* Remind them of the main benefits they previously enjoyed.
* Provide an example of something new that other members or customers have responded well to.
* You should offer easy ways to obtain answers to any questions you may have.

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