Precycling Helps the Environment and Saves You Money

Mono, ON (Adam Jones) By recycling, you’re reusing the trash and keeping it out of landfills. By precycling, you stop waste before it happens. If you implement a few of these precycling tips, you’ll produce less waste and spend less money.

Get your bank to send you financial statements online. You’ll save a few trees and you’ll keep a closer eye on your account balance, preventing overdraft fees. It’ll also free up space in your house because your bank keeps your canceled checks and past statements online for you to view at any time.

Investing and mutual fund companies that send you annual reports and prospectuses should let you know when they’re available online. They won’t have to mail you paper copies anymore. In addition to saving paper, the fuel burned by trucks and planes delivering these reports to you is also saved.

Stop buying bottled water. Cleaner, better tasting water is as simple as a filtration system or a filtered pitcher. For road trips or sporting events, use refillable sports bottles. Bottled water uses almost 2 million tons of plastic a year, not to mention the energy it takes to make and ship it.

Make your paychecks Direct Deposit and pay your bills through Direct Payment. You’ll save paper, but that’s not all. Financial institutions spend millions of dollars delivering checks. Much of this money is spent on fuel costs. Using these services will cut down on the amount of carbon dioxide put into the air just from moving checks across the country. This can help you save a lot of money over the long run. You won’t have to drive to the bank to deposit checks or to the post office to mail bills, so you’ll waste less gas. In addition, you’ll save close to $100 a year on postage and checks if you set up automatic payments.

Don’t use paper or plastic bags. Bring your groceries home in a reusable bag. When you bring your own bag to the store, some grocery stores will give you a small credit. Ask the store to fill the bags all the way to the top if you use their bags. You can use the bags around the house for trash can liners and lunch bags. By cutting down your garbage by 10 percent, you’ll save 1,200 pounds of CO2.

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