If You’re Going to Use Stock Photos, be Careful

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) It’s no secret that stock photos – images you pick from an online catalog – have a lot of advantages. They’re easy, convenient, and save you time. You can use the picture right away, without having to come up with ideas or hire a photographer.

As for the downsides, there are plenty: Stock photos are often artificial, inauthentic, or overdone. Other companies might use them in their advertising, making you look like a copycat.

Now that I’ve said that, let me tell you some do’s and don’ts.

  • Never use premade images for crucial company branding, like logos and website headers.
  • You can make an image look more interesting by manipulating the colors or cropping it differently.
  • Real photos of your customers, employees, or office are almost always more effective than stock photos.
  • Be sure to read and follow the license terms for images. If you don’t, you could get hit with thousands of dollars in fines.
  • You can check out how frequently someone is using an image you’re considering using by doing a “reverse image search” on Google. (Look that up to learn how.)

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