Spend Less Time on ‘Me, Me, Me’ Marketing

Orangeville, ON (Jason Mead) These are some indications that you are overemphasizing yourself on your website:

A large photograph of yourself (or your team). A potential client does need to know who they’ll be doing business with, but make sure that the content is sized appropriately.

Your fabulous qualities are gushed about in glowing testimonials. The clients who come to you wish to become fabulous themselves through your assistance. You should not attempt to lure hero worshippers unless you are in the entertainment business.

How frequently do you use the pronoun “I” or “we”? In general, you should use the pronoun “you.”

You might want to avoid grandiose props such as fancy cars or photos of you with celebrities. They do not provide any practical benefit to customers.

An emphasis on enthusiasm without demonstrating how your offerings will benefit users.

An image can prove to be hollow to skeptics. Inform them about how you can help them reach their goals in an accessible manner. Tell them what makes you trustworthy and capable.  

It is always better to demonstrate than to describe. You should be able to demonstrate that you know what you are doing, how you accomplish it, and why you care about it. It is not sufficient to just talk about it.

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