Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.) We have previously discussed security strikes and strike reinforcers, which are centred around in-swinging doors. However, there exists an equally important problem of providing security on out-swinging doors. Here there are two products, representative of the wide variety of latch and lock guards available, which can provide a solution.

20160320The latch guard is a heavy gauge embossed metal plate. The plate is embossed to give clearance for the latch strike and jamb. It comes packaged with two carriage bolts and nuts. Installation requires drilling only three holes. Two holes are drilled through the door for the mounting bolts. The latch guard is bolted in place. The jamb pin is used to locate and drill the third hole, in the jamb, to accept the jamb pin. The jamb pin engages the doorjamb when the door is closed and prevents prying the jamb away from the door. The design of this latch guard makes it a good choice for commercial applications.

The lock guard comes in various sizes for special applications. This unit, made from stainless steel, comes with four screws and lock washers. Studs, welded to the underside of the plate, accept the mounting screws. This eliminates any exposed screws on the outside surface of the door. The plate is offset to give clearance for the latch strike and jamb.

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