Let Your Customers Speak for You

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) Many marketers feel they’ve wrapped up their promotional copy once they’ve thoroughly described their product or service, along with how buyers are better off with it. They overlook the fuller detail provided by words from another source: customers. Buyers can add many nuances that the company cannot convincingly convey from its own perspective, including:

* Comparisons. For instance, “I tried five designers until I found Tanya, who truly listened to what we wanted instead of imposing trendy ideas that were all wrong for our market.”

* Highlighting a certain need. “We wanted a quiet, romantic dinner to celebrate our anniversary, and Tonio’s could not have been more perfect for that.”

* Acknowledging a weakness. “Judy and Jim were young, but more than made up for their limited years of experience with their determination to get every detail right.”

* Emphasizing a demographic. “As nature lovers looking to retire in the country, we were thrilled with the options presented to us.”

It’s worth your strategizing and effort to capture the nuanced comments of satisfied customers, whatever business you’re in. Actual comments, actual clients only, of course!

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