Repeat the Key Points in Your Presentation

Orangeville, ON (Caroline Davis) A landscape architect told me he would redesign our embankment to make it less prone to erosion, but I and my neighbours had different ideas about what he meant by “sustainable.”  

One person thought it meant the slope wouldn’t need to be maintained, so they wouldn’t have to truck in new soil. I said it would be “sustainable.” Others said it referred to the overall impact of the design – a lot different. Both were fair interpretations.

It just shows how easy it is for less commonly used words to be misunderstood. We didn’t stop to think that the landscape architect’s word might be ambiguous, since he knew exactly what he meant.  

When it comes to words, keep in mind that clients can have different reference points, making certain words tricky. A “negative” result, for instance, may seem like a bad result to them, but it’s actually the good one.

Make sure you repeat your key points more than once, and use other words and as little professional jargon as you can.

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  1. You should be able to demonstrate that you are familiar with your subject matter. A presenter whose expertise is not recognized by the audience should not attempt to establish it by describing his or her credentials. Rather, have the person introducing you describe them and endorse your abilities enthusiastically.

    If you are presenting information, be sure to focus more on describing its relevance and applicability rather than describing every detail.

    Keep your remarks brief. Audiences with a higher managerial level tend to have shorter attention spans. By taking less time than you were given, you will earn points and you will remain energetic until the end of the presentation.


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