Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) You might want to post a client’s praise immediately on your website and social media. To make sure you get the most from these testimonials, here’s a checklist.

Don’t forget to get permission from the client. Many people don’t want to be quoted publicly, and some organizations don’t allow it.

Getting quotes with a company name or a person’s location is best.

If your client lets you, weed out typos and unnecessary words. Short and crisp gets the point across.

There’s an emphasis on testimonials that mention outcomes, results or concrete impacts of your product or service. Before-and-after comparisons or how you got them over their skepticism are good too.

Don’t use gushy quotes that make you seem enthusiastic without any reason.

You want your quotes to be varied. Make sure the points you’re making are different. To counter doubts and objections, they should highlight a variety of satisfied clients.

Make sure each blurb starts off with a bold headline that gives it some punch.