Publish a Positive Story

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) It might be time to feature positive stories, whether on your blog, in your newsletter or on social media. This is especially true with all the bad news bombarding us around the world lately. Here are a few inspirational and heartwarming themes to get you started:

  • Success comes from overcoming challenges, and the more challenging the obstacle, the better the outcome.
  • An impossible dream has become a reality after many years of waiting.
  • We find ourselves in a position to surprise others by donating either emotionally or financially.
  • Virtue pays dividends in a harsh and competitive world such as ours.
  • Seeing surprising trends such as families and communities coming together.
  • There has been a moment of insight into the goodness or beauty of nature or the arts.
  • An old concept has begun to gain new relevance.
  • There is something sublime in everyday things.
  • It can be an incident that proves cynics wrong or offers hope for the future.
  • It can be an occasion when thorny problems have been solved in a real-world situation.

There is nothing better than relating an upbeat idea to your business message rather than simply thinking of one. Are the values and commitments of your company or product reflected in the story in any way? If you manage to connect with your audience in a light-handed way, you will heighten your readers’ appreciation for the content.

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