Email Etiquette

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) There is no doubt that I am not the only one who scans through email first thing in the morning with a fast finger on the delete key. I will discard an email whose sender is not recognized and whose subject line is generic or obscure.

There is a company I deal with regularly that runs the risk of annihilation by including the name of someone I am unfamiliar with in the “from” field, plus a subject line which makes no sense whatsoever.

Another company fills the “from” line with job functions that don’t make sense to me, e.g., “Meta Data” or “Asset Captain,” along with a mystifying subject line.

The effect would be the same as if we picked up the phone and heard “Hi, this is Bob from Accounting” rather than “Hi, this is Bob from Acme Marketing’s Accounting Department.”

Do not forget that your email recipient does not have additional context other than what you provide right at the beginning.

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  1. Email subject lines will get cut off if they’re too long, particularly on mobile devices. And now with more email openings taking place on mobile, you should use subject lines with fewer than 50 characters to make sure the people scanning your emails read the entire message.


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