Becoming an Overnight Sensation Takes Time

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Unlike celebrities, thought leaders are not well known solely for their fame. In addition, it is not an influencer; it’s not someone who capitalizes on the fans who follow them, who adore and trust them.

A thought leader is not merely a commentator, a person who gets attention for his or her opinions.

In addition, a thought leader isn’t just someone with expertise – they are also people with knowledge and specialized skills.

Generally, a thought leader is regarded as an expert who contributes original thinking which is grounded in their professional experience. Those who are thought leaders are listened to and discussed in forums that are relevant to their professional community. Such individuals challenge established perspectives or set new standards. Although some peers disparage a thought leader, a thought leader has earned credibility.

Consider it a great compliment if someone calls you a thought leader. I would greatly appreciate the reference. After all, you cannot declare yourself a thought leader. The title can only be awarded to you.

It requires talent, effort, humility, independence, and time to become a thought leader. It isn’t something that happens overnight.  You may, however, strive in that general direction if that is your goal.

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