Train Like a Pro

Orangeville, ON (Jason Mead) The right training practices make you a more effective athlete. Training practices go beyond what you do on the track; they involve how you live every day.

It’s always a smart idea to get some help from someone more experienced than you. If someone has already tried several methods, it’s no use re-inventing the wheel. It saves you tons of time and makes your training more effective.

To become an experienced athlete, you have to keep your mind open to new ideas and feedback. Make sure you get feedback. Realize you don’t know everything and that you can learn a lot from more experienced people.

You should set reasonable goals. Running twice a week won’t get you into the Olympics. Setting realistic goals will help keep you motivated. Trying to take things too fast will probably lead to burnout mentally and physically.

Every successful athlete has suffered an injury at some point in their career, and knows how debilitating it can be. Injuries can end a season or a career. Make sure you train smart to avoid them. Get the right gear to help. What’s the point of training in year old running shoes when it’s recommended to buy the latest ones every 6 months? Warming up and cooling down properly can reduce the chance of injury. Driving hard without warming up is like not giving your car a tune-up. It’s dangerous. You can loosen your muscles up with jogging, stretching, and mobility drills before you start your training.

I’m sure you’ll be successful in whatever you’re training for if you take these things into consideration.

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