Secrets of Concise Writing

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) Listed below are a few tips that will assist you in shortening your writing if your article does prove to be too long.

  1. In order to identify which words you use the most in your work, run it through a word frequency counter. In some cases, these represent careless or inappropriate habits which ought to be culled from the article.
    A free online tool that identifies repeated phrases and words within your text can be found here:
  2. If you go over your target length, you should ruthlessly remove one word from every sentence. That’s right! All sentences!
  3. Is it really necessary to use three adjectives when one would do? Be suspicious of excessive use of descriptive words. It may be possible to make your point more clearly with only one of the three adjectives.
  4. It can be helpful to read what you have written out loud to detect information you have mentioned more than once.

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  1. Concise writing means using the fewest words possible to convey an idea clearly. There’s a reason why writing concisely is recommended so often—it’s excellent advice.


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