Try to Cater to Skeptics

Orangeville, ON (James Doan)
“Video is the best way to educate audiences who are searching for answers throughout their buying journey.”

This claim, within a marketing article, set me off for three reasons.

First, the author offered no evidence, no research and no source for this statement.

Second, because the author was Vice President of a video company, and thus stood to gain from readers believing him, he had a greater burden of proof than others claiming this.

Third, for me, this didn’t even pass the plausibility test. We all know people who dislike or hate watching videos because they feel it takes more time than reading, and people who would rather watch videos than read. How can video be best at educating across the board when audience members have such different preferences?

Unless you’re hypnotizing them, people don’t accept things simply because you said so. Instead, assume skeptics need to be persuaded. Provide reasons. Cite data if possible. Explain why readers should believe you. When you do this, you can appeal to both those who were already leaning toward believing you and those who were not.

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