How Do You Present Yourself in a Job Interview?

Mono, ON (Adam Jones) According to a TopInterview survey of almost 200 recruiters, one of the most disqualifying traits of a job candidate is arrogance. The same survey, however, named one of the most appealing traits of job candidates as confidence. What’s the difference?

From my observation, arrogant people may:

  • listen poorly or not at all
  • interrupt (because they already know everything)
  • override others’ opinions or expert judgments
  • easily express contempt for others
  • overestimate their abilities
  • claim others’ achievements as their own
  • need to impress others and demand undeserved approval
  • secretly feel profoundly insecure
  • blame others rather than accept responsibility
  • refuse to apologize when wrong
  • speak in bombastic terms

That’s a lot of negativity, and it certainly leads to problems in all kinds of business interactions.

Confidence, on the other hand, shows up in knowing where you do and don’t excel, speaking your mind without dogma, and letting others take the limelight while contributing wherever you can.

When you admire someone bold, chances are it’s not the swagger of arrogance but firm, well-founded conviction underlying what they say and do.

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