Improving Security for Your Storefront

Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan & Sons Ltd.) If your business location is a typical storefront (glass and aluminum), a burglar can often be inside your premises almost as fast as you can get in with a key!

The thugs have discovered an easy way into most businesses like yours. How? Through the front door! That’s right.

The burglar’s “key” is really a pair of Channel-Lock pliers. They use them to “wrench” the lock cylinder out of the door. Once the lock mechanism is exposed, it’s a simple matter to manipulate the lock open. An accomplished thief can be inside your store or office in under a minute with little or no noise. That’s why “wrenching” is fast becoming the preferred entry method for the bad guys and gals.

Obviously, the easiest way to prevent your business from being burglarized is to take away the burglar’s ability to use their “key”.

Placed around each lock cylinder, cylinder guards do just that. A cylinder guard is a formed collar (tapered and free-spinning) of steel that fits surrounds the lock cylinder, offering solid protection. If the thief could get a good grip on the cylinder guard with their Channel-Locks, all they could do is spin the collar around the lock cylinder …without harming the cylinder.

We’ll be glad to install this economical protection for you and offer other quick, valid and tested solutions to address your particular security needs and requirements.

You’ll be glad we did….

Harold Doan and Sons Ltd is a professional mobile locksmith, serving Orangeville, Dufferin County and the surrounding area. Call us to help you find good, solid, workable security solutions. Solutions that allow you to proactively protect your premises and the assets on those premises. Better security is part of our Security Solutions package customized to your specific security needs.

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