Bringing the Past into the Present

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Imagine that you have extensive knowledge of a historical figure or era, either from a professional or hobby perspective. Recently, I have noticed that many articles have been bringing the past into the present. Allow me to share with you a few examples of how they did this.

Make use of today’s concepts to re-examine the past, such as an article about Edgar Wallace describing how “like many artists and writers today,” he struggled to make a living “in a harsh market.”

Put a historical figure in the light of today’s challenges, such as “What George Orwell can teach us about populism,” which highlights the author’s views on government authority.

Predict future developments using historical examples, for example, a piece that discusses the proposed solutions to affordable housing in the context of similar initiatives from the 1920s.

Help people stop worrying by writing articles like “History Says Don’t Panic About Inflation.”

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  1. The past is relevant because without a credible account of what we’ve been through, we have no idea where we are now. You can’t plan for the future without evidence about what’s happened in the past.


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