Keep Up with the Trends

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) The language-learning app Duolingo just came out with an interesting report describing newly popular reasons people had for studying a new language in the past year.

A whopping 70 percent said an international TV show, such as La Casa de Papel/Money Heist (Spanish) or Squid Game (Korean) motivated them to learn a language. Some 29 percent cited TikTok online videos as an instigator. Another big group said they’d wanted to learn more about their family heritage.

Noticing and discussing trends is one of the easiest ways to get publicity—especially during the summer holidays, when regular sources of news tend to slow down. And guess what: You don’t need the resources to do a massive survey or a degree in statistics to have something worthwhile to offer the media about trends.

Just reflect on what you’ve observed has been different lately in your business. Find others who’ve noticed similar changes. Then email a media person who covers your industry or geographical region describing the trend and offering yourself and your friends or colleagues as sources.

Getting splashy media coverage is often as simple as that!

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