The Best Kind Of Success

Orangeville, ON (Caroline Davis) The other day I paid $27 for access to a conference on women and money, whose last 20 minutes consisted of a pitch for a coaching program whose fee wouldn’t be revealed until after you applied.

Although pitching people for a more expensive program when they’re engaged with you on a webinar is a proven selling method, to me doing that during an event people have paid for is just plain wrong. Likewise, asking people to apply for a program whose cost isn’t disclosed may be equally effective, but it too is exploitative and unfair.

When the interests of customers conflict with what’s most profitable for the company, which factor should prevail? That issue came up in Congressional hearings about Facebook this month, but it’s a dilemma that comes up for ordinary small businesses in many everyday situations.

When successful people in your industry describe what works yet your conscience recoils at that as slimy, pay attention to your inner voice. And even if your conscience doesn’t nag, stop and ask: Am I doing what benefits both customers and me? To me, that’s the best kind of success.

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  1. There are standards for values, behaviours, and decision-making in business. Business ethics have changed over time, but they’re still important to every company. Maintaining a company’s integrity starts from the top down.

    A solid reputation and long-term financial rewards are the benefits of consistently acting ethically. When a company maintains a high standard of ethics, its employees tend to stay loyal and perform better.


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