Mix Up Your Business Elements

Mono, ON(Adam Jones) It can be tough marketing something that is the same old, same as everyone else. Get an edge by delivering the product differently. I’d say analyze the steps for serving customers, says Hewlett-Packard vice-president Corey Billington, and recombine or reorder the elements for a more efficient, more valuable, or simply fresher experience.

For instance, fine restaurants deliver food service as:  order;  cook;  serve;  eat;  pay.  Fast-food establishments may use this sequence:  cook;  order;  pay;  serve;  eat.  Cook-at-your-table restaurants do this:  order;  serve;  cook;  eat;  pay.  

Changing who does what can also add some novelty. Fire & Ice created fun by letting the customer get hands-on with the “order” segment.  

Accountants prepare tax returns the same way: client collects information; preparer creates tax return; client reviews and signs.  Tax software makes it easy: client collects information and prepares tax return; tax pro reviews it; client signs.  Alternatively, preparer collects information.  …Or just…

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