Prevent vehicle theft with these savvy tips

(NC) A locked car isn’t always enough to deter thieves. Vehicle theft is on the rise. In fact, auto and property insurer Aviva Canada, saw a 41 per cent increase in vehicles stolen in January 2022 compared to a year ago. However, some simple steps can go a long way toward keeping your car safe and providing you with greater peace of mind.

Steering wheel lock
A steering wheel lock is a small investment but a big deterrent to thieves. Having a lock in place automatically indicates that your car will take longer to steal and often signals that it is not worth the hassle.

Store keys away from the front door
Many people don’t realize that car keys kept close to the front door can be used to steal a car. This can happen when thieves use a device to scan the signal from the keyless fob sitting in your entryway. They can create a cloned fob that lets them get into the car and start it. Keep keys further away from the door when possible or store them in an aluminum or metal box to block the signal.

Use a data port lock
Data port locks prevent reprogramming of your vehicle. They cover the on-board diagnostics port, preventing thieves from disabling the alarm and coding a new key. The system will still work as it should, and it only needs to be set up once.

In the event your car is stolen, contact your vehicle manufacturer or dealership to determine if they can locate it and check with any radio subscription service, such as satellite radio, to see if they have tracking capabilities. Be sure to report the incident to the police and the loss to your insurance company.

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