Entry Points Help Find the Way

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) I received an e-mail asking how to best promote an upcoming book last month. In my opinion, the book was organized as nuggets of wide-ranging wisdom, a book that works when it is written by someone whose reputation precedes them but is not a complete unknown. It would have been better for the author to begin with a more focused problem-solving guide from which the reader could more easily learn and then proceed to the guru-style volume.

As an example of this in another medium, I have seen the same problem with blogs written for repeat readers. In these blogs, each blog post makes sense only if the reader already understands the context. First-time visitors may have difficulty getting oriented or finding self-contained information. For the newcomer, such a blog presents an unnecessarily high barrier to entry. Trust, commitment, and patience are necessary to derive value from it.

Look at products, websites, or any presentation of information from the viewpoint of someone who does not yet know you. Does your item allow easy entry for a stranger, or does it require prior knowledge? If this is the case, either revise it or add a “start here” description.


  1. The best websites are customer-centric. They’re designed to provide the information visitors seek and to present it in an interesting, organized fashion. They let the customer see the real you, which then builds trust.


  2. A clear and simple title helps readers find their way around, whether they came from inside or outside the site. It helps a reader get oriented when there’s an introduction or introductory sentence that specifies the topic and the target audience.


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