Security Tips for Residences

Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.) Creating a sense of comfort and peace in your home is equal parts family harmony and home security.

We can do nothing about family harmony. We can help you learn a few preventative steps that add to the level of home security in the event of a burglary or fire.

Home Security Systems (Burglar Alarms) provide a heightened sense of well-being by alerting you to an intrusion attempt. Many available units can also provide a security call to local police. Mount a good system on an inside wall away from direct sight from either the front or back door. A two panel system is an even more effective system. Should one panel fail, the second panel can still alert officials. Wireless alarm systems can remain effective when skilled burglars compromise a wired system.

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) can also provide a means of identifying those who may lurk on your property. These unobtrusive devises can also allow you to identify welcome visitors.

Security lighting is a key element in the safety of your property. It can make it easy to see when you arrive home after dark. Timed interior lighting may confuse burglars. They will be unsure whether there are family members inside. Outdoor lighting that uses motion sensing technology makes it difficult for robbers to gain undetected access to any vulnerable areas of your home.

The two primary doors burglars will attempt to gain access are the garage and back doors. They usually are the easiest to compromise, and they provide the greatest concealment. Glass panelled doors are a means of easy entrance into any home. Consider replacing them with solid core doors when possible. Replace old locks with new ones capable of resisting lock-picking attempts and prying and twisting. We also recommend the use of quality deadbolts. Using a peephole is also advised when CCTV technology is not in use or in tandem when possible. If your home has sliding glass doors, you can place a wooden dowel or similar commercial grade products like the charley-bar in the track. This will make it difficult for the door to slide if someone breaks the latch.

With all the emphasis on doors, we must mention a burglar’s favourite means of accessing your home. It is far more likely that an open or unlocked window provides access. Because windows generally use latch technology, consider a secondary blocking device. For nighttime ventilation, be sure to block your windows so they will not open more than a few millimetres.

In the event of a burglary, a home safe can further ensure the safety of your most valuable possessions.

Neighbours can also be an effective ally in keeping your home safe. Neighbourhood Watches have assisted home owners in self policing the homes in their immediate area. Neighbourhood Watch programmes can assist others by picking up mail, handbills and newspapers. A burglar will often look for homes with uncollected newspapers or postal deliveries.

After a robbery, there is a way to assist police in the potential recovery of your personal property. Engrave personal information on your valuables. It makes it much more difficult for burglars to sell your property to others. A few minutes marking your valuables can prove beneficial should a burglary occur. You should also photograph and record the serial numbers of top end possessions. Store a copy of this information in a place other than your home. This ensures its availability in the event of a loss.

For fire prevention, smoke alarms assure the greatest chance of safety in the event of a fire. The high-pitched squeal will awaken the deepest sleeper. It has helped families escape what might otherwise be a horrific event. These cost effective devices are easy to use and hard to justify living without.

Making sure your home is safe from potential burglary attempts need not instil fear. Home safety and security help your family enjoy the benefits of life without needless apprehension.

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