Having a Pet Can Improve Your Health

(NC) Tell any dog or cat owner you’re considering adopting a pet and they’ll likely gush about the unconditional love and endless joy their pet brings. But there is another reason to adopt a furry family member — it will improve your health.

“Studies show that pets bring a range of health benefits to the people they live with. They can improve heart health, boost immunity, lessen anxiety, reduce the risk of obesity and more,” explains Rose Ferrante of Pet Valu.

Although parents of young children may be concerned about introducing a pet into their homes for fear of triggering allergies, research indicates the reverse is true. Children who are raised with pets or on farms have a lower risk of allergies and asthma.

The regular exercise dogs require helps dog owners meet their daily requirements for physical activity. This in turn leads to overall better cardiovascular health, including weight management and lower cholesterol. People who own dogs have also been shown to have better survival rates following a heart attack.

Pets also reduce stress and anxiety in children and adults. In difficult, demanding situations, dog and cat owners had lower blood pressure than those who didn’t have a pet.

“Adopting a pet is a win-win. You provide a forever home to a pet in need and they’ll make you healthier,” says Ferrante. “We host regular adoption weekends at all of our stores to give individuals a chance to meet a wide range of cats and dogs. You can then select a pet that has the right temperament for your lifestyle.”

Find more information on the benefits of a pet online at petvalu.com.


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