Use Metaphors in Your Creative Writing

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) See what your responses are to these questions:

In the event it were a vegetable, which one would it be?

Which car brand would you choose if it were a car brand?

In terms of weather, what type would it be?

You may consider this to be a silly parlour game, but I have used myself to explain or describe things in half a sentence when I felt stumped. The best thing you can do is answer twenty questions such as those above, and perhaps just two of your answers will spark an idea—and just one can do the trick.

For example, following the prompts above might lead to the following promotional lines: 

It has been said that the ProProd app is spinach for your willpower.

There is no doubt that Terza Ristorante has the Ferrari of espresso machines.

There is a blizzard of lights at the Pinnacle Hills Mall this week.

As Alan Weiss once said, “People who can paint verbal pictures and bring richness and depth to their speeches are excellent communicators and can easily influence others.”

Developing this skill is definitely worthwhile!

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