Create a Blog Post With One of These Guides

Orangeville, ON (Jason Mead) If you are struggling to shape content for your blog, try one of these three-part formulas.

I. Conversation Starter Blog—when your main purpose is interaction with your audience:

  1. Incident
  2. Thoughts/reflections about the incident
  3. Toss it to the reader in an interesting way


  1. General statement/common belief
  2. Why it might not be true
  3. Toss it along to the reader

II. “How-to” Blog—when you’re building or reinforcing a reputation as an expert:

  1. Colourful introduction
  2. Steps or tips
  3. Resources or final thoughts

III. Opinion/Commentary Blog—when you’re trying to influence readers’ attitudes or actions (or you simply enjoy sounding off):

  1. News item/personal incident
  2. Opinion about that trigger
  3. Elaboration of the opinion

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