State the Benefits

Orangeville, ON (Caroline Davis) When was the last time you bought a car? Did you really NEED a car? I mean REALLY need a car? Chances are the one you were driving was still running when you bought the car you have now. Canadians rarely buy because they need… they buy because they want to experience the feeling that comes with buying.

We enjoy new purchases. Sure, we can convince ourselves that we really needed a new one, but if we’re totally honest, we must admit that we could’ve got by without it. What does this mean to your advertising campaign?

Capitalize on the ways a customer will improve his lifestyle by making the purchase. Will he increase his own business profits by 50 percent? Say so in the opening statement of your sales letter, or at the top of your Web page.

Don’t obsess with the features of the product itself or your credibility. Frankly, customers couldn’t care less. Let’s face it… they’re selfish in dishing out their hard earned money. All they want to know is what’s in it for them.

What about your sales materials? Have you inspected the things you are advertising? Make sure you focus on the benefits the consumer will experience from the purchase, and not on the features of the product or service.

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