Capture Still Life Photos in a Home Studio

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Still life photography has a long-dated history. It goes back to ancient times and the camera obscura. In a dark room, light came through a pinhole placed in the wall. The outside world projected onto the opposite wall. Images appeared upside down and in vivid colour. Today, still life photography has the same concept and idea. But it is much more hi-tech. Still life photography in the home studio is a traditional form of art and very prestigious.

It is easy to do still life in the comfort of a home studio. You can capture a certain mood you are looking for and express it on film. All you need is any object or objects that strike you as beautiful, strange. Even the most common thing found in or around your home can be a subject. Add some unique lighting sources at different angles. You are well on your way to take a great still life photograph. It is easy to produce a very creative and beautiful picture. You control all the elements in your studio.

The subjects of still life can convey a classic look. Flowers are perfect for this look. They are extraordinary and very easy to photograph. They will always be a reminder of a simple but a powerful beauty that we see almost every day in a photo. To create a bold still life that gives off flair, try placing your subjects on a white background. This will stress the colour of the object and create a unified look in the photo. Remember – with still life photography – everything has a special beauty.

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