How to Create a Recycled Garden

(NC) A beautiful backyard is the perfect place for summer entertaining or relaxing in the fresh air with your family. And a trendy, forward-thinking garden makes for an attractive backdrop and interesting conversational element.

When planning your outdoor living area, it’s important to think green and consider the ways we can reuse and recycle in the process. A new survey by Ontario Tire Stewardship showed that most of us love DIY projects and care about sustainable materials.

Turn your backyard into an eco-friendly green space with these tips from garden guru, Frankie Flowers.

Make like Mother Nature. She’s been recycling and composting since the beginning of time. In your own garden, you can turn your grass, leaves and winter yard waste into a bed of nutrients for your greenery.

Practice like pioneers. People used to help their gardens grow using items from around the house, like egg shells and coffee grinds, as natural ways to enhance the earth and dispose of household waste responsibly.

Be innovative and think green. Our ancestors also used innovative techniques like planting tomatoes in tires to maintain proper growth conditions. Today we have access to a variety of landscaping and gardening products made from recycled tires like pots, patio stones, garden edging and rubber mulch.

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