5 Strategies to Boost Your Productivity

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Even small tasks benefit from efficient planning.

Organization doesn’t just help you tackle large projects. Use these tips to be more productive in your day-to-day life.

Stand Up
Keep meetings short and on topic by conducting 10- to 15-minute “stand ups.” Not only do studies find that these sorts of meetings are more effective, they’re also better for your mental and physical health.

Make a Decision
We all have a “to-do” pile – or, more likely, piles. Cut down on clutter and stress by immediately addressing any piece of paper that is handed to you or blocking out time on your schedule each day to deal with paperwork.

Go for a Walk
Give yourself a mental vacation during the day by taking a 10-minute walk. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to focus.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time
Rushing to get a last-minute gift for birthdays or holidays can be exhausting. Save yourself time and stress by picking up thoughtful gifts year-round instead.

Set it (Out) and Forget It
Want a little more time to yourself in the morning? Take a little extra time the night before to prepare everything you need for the next day.

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